General rules of Operation Climbing gym rules



The general rules of operation (GRO) are binding for all users of the " Kletterhalle Saalfelden Betriebs GmbH & co KG, referred to as: "FACILITY".

Their purpose is first of all the avoidance of accidents and keeping order and hygienic facility.

The GRO are displayed in the reception area, inside the hall and in the changing room. These must be read by every user of the hall.

These GRO can be read and downloaded in our homepage " "

Clients of our facility agree to the terms of this GRO and commit to follow the rules of this GRO.

1.2 The definition " site of the facility " include:

1.2.1 Boulder sites - free style climbing sites (indoor and outdoor)

1.2.2 Top rope sites

1.2.3 Lead climbing areas, outside climbing site and fixed rope routes

1.2.4 Changing rooms

1.2.5 Parking spaces

1.2.6 Bathroom facilities


1.3 Requirements for the use of the facility

1.3.1. General user requirements are as follows:

(i) Completion of the registration form

(ii) Purchase of an admission ticket

1.3.2 If the client is in possession of a valid multi entry pass or a season or annual member card the registration form must be completed only once. This is also valid for the purchase of one ore more multi entry passes, season or annual member cards as well as switching between multi entry pass, Season or annual member card.

1.4 Use of the climbing facility by minors

1.4.1 Minors from 12 years of age may use the facility without supervision provided a legal guardian has fully completed the registration form for these minors and has purchased an admission ticket for minors from 12 years and up.

1.4.2. Minors under the age of 12 years may use the facility only in presence and supervision of an adult provided the minor is in possession of an valid entry ticket and the adult is in possession of an valid belay or admission ticket. Everybody must follow the instructions of an supervising employee of the facility in regard to safe rope handling and climbing technique. It is up to the judgment of the employee of the facility (according to his/her evaluation) to ban any minor under 12 years of age from the use of the facility or to restrict his use of parts of the facility (for example only the use of the bolder site). The accompanying adult is responsible for the appropriate conduct of the minor. He/She is also responsible for any personal or property damage.

1.5 Tickets are nontransferable to other persons. There is no refund for loss of any admission ticket, multi entry ticket, season or annual pass.

1.6 It is illegal to smoke or to drink alcoholic beverages in the facility. Climbing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

1.7 The wardrobe is to be used for changing, storage of clothing,equipment and personal items. We do not take responsibility or liability for theft or loss in the wardrobe or in the facility.

1.8 Every guest must follow the instructions of the employees of the facility.

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